Can My Asthma Symptoms Be Treated With Chiropractic Care?

Asthma is a condition affecting a person’s ability to breathe normally. Airways are constricted causing the flow of oxygen to and from the lungs to be reduced. These asthma attacks can range from having mild side effects to having life threatening consequences. Often times prescription medication is used to help reduce these symptoms, but these medicines are typically utilized for temporary relief. Are you wondering if there are ways to help alleviate your asthma symptoms without adding in more harsh chemicals to your body?

Orr Chiropractic’s Approach to Prevent Asthma Suffering

Orr Chiropractic works with asthma sufferers to create long-term results using chiropractic care. By releasing tension and pressure in the spine, the signals from the nervous system can move more freely. The nerve signals can then travel through the spinal cord during the breathing process and move quickly alert the brain of any breathing issues. The body is then able to respond more rapidly and decrease the overall number of asthma attacks. By reducing the number of severity of asthma attacks, the need for harsh medications might possibly be eradicated.

The Long Term Advantage to Chiropractic Treatment of Asthma

By using a variety of tests, questionnaires, and physically gathered data, Orr Chiropractic of Central Ohio is able to monitor the results of asthma treatment with chiropractic. This can allow our team to further improve our recommendations for how to continue to strengthen your body to be able to overpower asthma symptoms.

Our mission is to provide chiropractic adjustments that will reduce the stress on the lungs and alleviate the tension caused by asthma. We also have nutritional supplements that help the airways and increase oxygenation. Some of the other services we offer at our office that might be of some assistance include the supportive therapeutic pillows that promote better breathing while you sleep and massage therapy treatments to calm your body from being tense.

We want the members of your family that are suffering from this disease to improve their overall health through chiropractic. Each allergy sufferer is entitled to have control over their own body. Don’t let asthma control your life any longer. Our team at Orr Chiropractic in the greater Columbus area is dedicated and focused on helping to strength your body so it can combat asthma symptoms naturally, without harsh medications.

If you believe that you or someone you know could benefit from treating their asthma symptoms in a more productive, drug-free way, we would love to hear from you. Our office is conveniently located in Pataskala Ohio, just outside of the Columbus I-270 outer belt. Please contact us today to start alleviating your asthmas symptoms with the help of Dr. Julia Allerton and her staff at Orr Chiropractic Center of Central Ohio today!