Thermography’s Use at Orr Chiropractic Center

What is Thermography Scan?

Thermography 1The thermography scan detects the activity of the autonomic nervous system. A scanner is used to take temperature readings down your back. This tool measures the temperature on one side of the spine and compares it to the temperature on the other side of the spine. Since blood flow is controlled by our nervous system, unequal temperature indicates that there is a problem with the nervous system at that particular level.

How Can Thermography Help During My Chiropractic Exam?

Thermography is a helpful tool at Orr Chiropractic. With each patient we see, our goal is to pinpoint the most exact location where spinal misalignments could be resulting in your health issues. This device enables us to examine your spine more closely and with another level of accuracy to target areas most in need. By using this machine we are able to provide more detailed recovery plans for your treatment at Orr Chiropractic in Central Ohio. This can help you get better faster using targeted chiropractic assistance.

What Will the Thermography Scan Tell My Doctor?

Thermography 2The results from a thermography scan are used to detect areas of need, as well as document progress over multiple visits to Orr Chiropractic Center. The data collected from a thermography scan is often displayed on a chart that correlates with the areas of the spinal column. On both sides of the chart a bar is used to represent how far away the temperature on that spine is from the normal body temperature. This gives the doctor a visual display of areas that have a greater contrast (meaning more spinal and nervous system disruptions) to isolate the areas that require the most treatment.

Needless to say, your body is going through constant changes, so your doctor can use these scans to gain more information about the success of your treatments or areas which need more attention with each visit. By using these scans and other tests such as a posture analysis, full spine x-ray, and surface EMG examination your doctor at Orr Chiropractic in Central Ohio will be able to identify the most effective solutions to improve your overall health and wellness.

I Want to Learn More About Orr Chiropractic’s Thermography Exam

We are always happy to answer questions from our new and current patients of Orr Chiropractic Center in Central Ohio. Give us a call or contact us through our online form to get more information. We also offer a variety of free complimentary health reports so you can read a little more about a variety of topics, including articles on sublixations and the central nervous system to help educate you about how chiropractic can alleviate many common health problems.