Success Stories from Orr Chiropractic Clients

Orr Chiropractic CenterDr. Julia is absolutely wonderful! I’ve been a patient since I was in a car accident last year, and I couldn’t be happier. I started out with frequent visits, and now I’m down to once or twice a month. Dr. Julia takes a holistic approach to overall well-being, and I’m so happy I found an alternative to the pain medicine I was originally prescribed. I would recommend chiropractic care to everyone, injury, or not. She’s really helped me handle sitting at a desk all day, too.

-Taby A.

Our son Mike was born with Cerebral Palsy.  He was still mobile but his left side musculature was severely atrophied.  His neurologist said that Mike had scoliosis and his spine would never be straight.  His spine was straight as an arrow after one year of chiropractic adjustments. His neurologist was amazed and said that he never thought it could be done.  Dr. Julia proved him wrong. He recommended continuing the chiropractic care. Thank You Dr. Julia.

-Ron and Kris K.

I started going to Orr Chiropractic 35 years ago when Dr. Joseph Orr was the owner. Now his daughter, Dr. Julia Allerton runs this family business. At Orr Chiropractic, you are like a member of the family, where you’re greeted by warm and friendly associates. Dr. Julia is very caring and will take as much time as necessary to evaluate your condition and come up with a recovery plan especially for you! Don’t put up with chronic pain or poor health any longer, call Orr Chiropractic today!

-Jeff W.

As a mom, I feel so much more confident bringing my children’s twisted ankles and limps to a chiropractor than turning to conventional medicine.  I’d rather have the source of the pain fixed instead of getting a band-aid to mask the symptoms.

-Denise E.

I have just started treatment with Dr. Allerton. The consultation and evaluation process was so educational and eye opening. There was an hour and half process of an evaluation before she even put her hands on me. It was very comforting and eye opening. My first adjustment, I felt immediate relief after 13+ years of headaches and upper back/neck issues. I’m so excited to get to the root of my issues as opposed to masking them with muscle relaxers and pain killers!

-Mindy T.

I’ve been a patient for over 10 years! The quality of life is so much improved with continuous Chiropractic care. I recover from colds and flu much faster with treatments from Dr. Julia. I couldn’t imagine what my health would be like without Chiropractic.

-Patrick T.

For many years, I have been treated by several doctors with many prescriptions.  I became desperate with the pain and willing to try other methods for relief from the agonizing pain of neuropathy.  Since receiving adjustments by Dr. Julia and taking several whole food supplements, I can honestly and gratefully say that I am Pain-free compared to the years of pain I endured.  I am no longer a skeptic of Chiropractic services, but am now a believer!

-Dottie S.

After a long fieldtrip with my students, I had severe lower back pain.  In one adjustment with Dr. Julie, my pain was completely gone within 10 minutes of the adjustment.

-Angie R.

I had frequent headaches and some neck pain and my wife said that I should see a good, quality, experienced chiropractor that could help me with my frequent neck problems and pain. Finally, I did some research and found Dr. Julia Allerton in Pataskala. After learning and being educated from the doctor about Chiropractic, I signed up to be a patient, and I’m so glad I did. I haven’t had any headaches since and my ear issues are a lot better too. Just knowing that I found a chiropractor that cares and educates, at the same time as fixing my issues, is a lifesaver. Things have gone so good my wife is now a patient as well. Very highly recommended.

-Brennan Y.

At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  For years I tried multiple medications and each would lower it moderately but not to a healthy level.  When I was 24, I began chiropractic care and after a year of chiropractic adjustments my blood pressure dropped to a healthy level without medication!  My body had a structural misalignment causing the problem, not a medication deficiency.  I have maintained a healthy blood pressure for the last 5 1/2 years!

-Jeff B.

Outstanding, and spent a lot of time with me and listened to my health concerns. I am very happy with the results and I feel so much better. My treatment plan was a perfect fit for me. My overall life is so much better. Thank you Dr. Julia!

-Anne L.