Supportive Therapeutica Pillows at Orr Chiropractic Center

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

We all have our favorite pillow we cozy up to each night, but I’m sure we’ve also experienced falling asleep in a very uncomfortable position. Maybe that experience happened while on the couch watching a late OSU football game. Maybe you were on a long flight crammed in between two other passengers trying to catch some shuteye. Whatever the scenario, you more than likely realized upon waking up that the sleep you had while in those unsupported positions was not quality sleep. Often times you might even feel more tired than before, or even suffer from physical pain. What if there was a way to prevent these destructive sleep patterns?

Customized Support While You Sleep

Orr Chiropractic carries pillows for sleeping and sitting support that are designed to help correct spinal alignment. The sleeping pillows help you to hold the proper spinal alignment whether you are in the side or back lying positions. The benefit to these types of pillows is that your spine is being adjusted while you sleep, giving your body time to truly recover and strengthen itself. Much like our supportive orthotics, having these supportive pillows you will be enhancing the quality of your sleep and enabling your body to fight off illness more affectively.

In addition, the pillows come in a variety of sizes fitting the needs of a small child all the way to a large adult. We are able to size the pillow to fit the individual for maximum support. The sculpted shapes of these pillows also give you options for how you sleep so you don’t feel restricted, but rather you are free to move to increase your comfort levels.

Therapeutica Pillows for Pain Relief

By properly aligning your spine with these therapeutica pillows from Orr Chiropractic in the greater Columbus area, your muscles are given relief from the strain of your original pillows. Removing that tension also relaxes your muscles, joints, and nerves, giving your body time to heal. This can also lead to greater success with recovery from neck pain, whiplash, and stress.

The 5 Year Therapeutica Pillow Guarantee

These pillows have a five-year warranty and truly last, making this investment in your health treatment a worthy one. In addition, we want to ensure that you are given all the tools possible to regain your potential growth and strengthen your core. At Orr Chiropractic your goals become our mission and we want to create the most pleasurable experience.

Maybe you know of someone who could benefit from a great night’s sleep. If so, please give us a call or contact us through our online form here so we can get your measurements for your new therapeutica pillow or create a plan to alleviate your pain and restlessness today!