Our Services

We want to give you access to all of the tools you need to continuously improve your health and wellness. Being healthy is not just a physical state, but rather incorporates aspects of your biochemical and emotional states as well.

Our goal is to provide valuable information on useful products that support nutritional wellbeing, functional medicine, orthotic help, and prenatal chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Exam and X-Ray
Nutritional Wellness Exam
  • Orthotics
  • Supportive Therapeutic Pillows
  • Supplements
    • DoTERRA
    • Metagenics
    • MediHerb
    • Standard Process
    • Chi Enterprises- Chi’s Enterprise’s products are where Eastern alternative medicine meets Western science. Dr. Chi, the founder, received his medical training in China and is a specialist in tongue and nail diagnosis. Dr. Julia uses many of his patient exam methods and products.
    • Selena Sea Salt Product- Dr. Julia sells Celtic Sea Salts because they are the #1 most recommended salt used by health professionals and culinary chefs worldwide. Sea salt can be an excellent source for minerals when the processing is done correctly and source is quality. We carry salts, seasonings and soaps.
    • Pure Aloe Force- the aloe answer if you have ever looked for an organically grown liquefied aloe vera leaf that is not destroyed by heat.
    • Clark’s Minerals- a liquid source for over seventy colloidal minerals that are absolutely essential to good health.
  • Topicals
    • Biofreeze- a cold therapy topical pain relief product. This product helps patients manage their aches and pains without using prescription drugs.
    • Kool’N’Fit- a non-staining, greaseless external analgesic spray used for muscles, joints, arthritis, backaches and bruises. It can be used in sports and daily life.