Chiropractic Benefits from Saliva Testing

Saliva testing is exactly what it sounds like- simply putting your spit in a test tube to be analyzed by a lab. The results, however, give a very complex view of what is happening within your body.

What Saliva Testing Reveals

Saliva testing can provide very valuable diagnostic information on hormone levels, adrenal and thyroid function, and gastrointestinal health. The insight gained from your saliva testing can give our staff at Orr Chiropractic Center of Central Ohio a foundation for determining the cause of some problems you may be experiencing. From allergies to stress all the way to behavioral disorders, saliva testing can be a way to learn more about your body so that we can help you eliminate your symptoms.

Saliva Testing Is Easy!

Everyone likes an easy test! Not only is saliva testing easy because it can be done at home or at work at your convenience instead of at a doctor’s office like blood testing, many people also appreciate that there is no risk while collecting it. In fact, multiple samples of your saliva at different times of the day can help determine fluctuations in hormone levels. In addition, the results from these tests have been proven to be highly accurate.

How Does This Affect My Chiropractic Treatment?

Having more information on the levels of hormones in your body and knowing a little more about your internal needs, we are able to create a plan to help control or improve your body’s reaction to these chemicals. For example, Dr. Julia might determine that increasing the amount of spinach in your diet could help to process an excess amount of a particular chemical or that exercising and doing more cardio would lower a particular hormone count. By setting up this continuing health guideline, Orr Chiropractic is able to give you the power to control your body.

In addition, locating the sources of your ailments, such as with stress, helps Dr. Julia know where to focus her chiropractic adjustments. She is able to use these tests as well as other tools to find areas of your body that are experiencing the most distress. By using all of the tools available, we are able to pinpoint more accurately ways to help your body grow stronger. Ideally, we want to be able to use the data that you provide for us in simple, painless ways, and use it to improve your livelihood even more than you expected. Our chiropractic practice serves to help you become a healthier you in the most natural ways possible.

If you feel that you or someone you care for might benefit from taking a saliva test, please contact our Orr Chiropractic office located in Pataskala, OH to get more information. We would love to help you grow stronger!