Posture Analysis Tests Can Help You Feel Better

What is Involved with a Posture Analysis Test?

At Orr Chiropractic, when we perform a posture analysis exam, we take two digital pictures of your spine. One of these photos is of your spine from the front and the other is a side view of your body. It’s as simple as that- you stand there and we take your picture!

Click the images below to view them larger.

Note the change in head and neck alignment!

Posture Analysis Informs Your Chiropractor

The purpose of using posture analysis is to determine in degrees and inches the spinal misalignments from being in a level and balanced position. When you’re standing tall, your spine should be straight and level. However, when your spine is misaligned, there can be visual clues such as one shoulder being lower than the other or hips that are not at the same height on your body that hint at a spinal misalignment. On the posture evaluation photos and charts these issues can be seen more easily when given a straight line or grid to compare the body to. These diagrams give a visual overlay to how straight you should be standing in the photo on top of your actual posture when standing upright.

This test, and many of the others we have available at Orr Chiropractic Center of Central Ohio, gives your doctor a visual clue to where your body is most in need of chiropractic adjustments. The information gained from this portion of your examination can be used to more directly target your treatment areas and create a more affective health improvement plan.

Posture Analysis Improves My Chiropractic Treatment Results

Not only does the posture examination provide clues as to areas of your body that are in need, this analysis also gives your doctor a comparison tool during future visits. Being able to see the body’s alignment progress in photos helps your chiropractor fine tune what areas are improving or what areas might require a different type of treatment. By understanding this data and adjusting the alignment of your spine accordingly, your posture will improve as well.

Overall, our staff at Orr Chiropractic wants to see your whole body continually advancing. We want to help remove pain and tension, while also correcting issues that might have otherwise affected your health later on in life. It’s never to late to improve your quality of health and Orr Chiropractic Center is the place to get the results you are looking for.

To get more information on all of our chiropractic examination tools, check out more articles on our website, such as a description of how our Thermography tool is used or how we can gain internal insight on your spinal health with a Full Spine X-Ray. Contact us today for more details!