Why is Chiropractic a Great Solution for Helping a Pinched Nerve?

The nerves that extend from your brain and spinal cord are essential for sending critical messages throughout your entire body. When these nerves are compressed or pressured by the surrounding tissues, the body sends a sharp shooting ‘pinching’ feeling as a warning.

This nerve pressure may come from either the repetition of a certain body motion, or holding the body’s position for a long period of time. Other causes of pinched nerves may be: swollen discs (when a disc swells out of its normal position), degeneration of a disc (disc narrows and shrinks due to long term misalignment, also known as the second phase of arthritis), and bony growths (spurs grow in your spine as a result of the position being unstable for too long and the body doing everything in its power to stabilize itself, thus beginning to fuse to make two vertebrae appear as one. This is the end result or last phase of arthritis or degenerative disc disease).

If a nerve gets pinched/choked/compressed, then the part of the nerve that is irritated will be diminished and with time, stop functioning. Think of an electric wire with the outer covering off. On the inside you will have red, green, yellow and blue wires. Each color controls different aspects of your health, from blood flow to muscle contractions to lymph drainage to organ function and pain sensation. Only 10% of the nerve is controlling pain so you do not always feel nerve irritation. In fact, the nerve could be 90% compromised before you get the first sensation of pain! This long term pinching will eventually cause that nerve fiber to die. When enough fibers stop working, the skin may feel perpetually numb and muscles may stop contracting, as well as the organ dysfunction that you may or may not be aware off.

Pinched Nerve Pain Reduced with Orr Chiropractic Care in Central Ohio

Chiropractic has been proven to be extremely effective for pinched nerves, as it concentrates on spinal adjustments and checking specifically for compression or constriction of nerves between vertebrae. Finding and adjusting the specific area where the spinal bones are not moving correctly will ease the pressure on the vulnerable nerves, allowing relief from pain and helping nerves function more effectively than before. In addition, other services we offer including massage therapy, our thermography test, our mineral lamp therapy and more can all help to target the areas of your body suffering from pinched nerves.

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