Orr Chiropractic’s Nutritional Counseling Services in Central Ohio

Simply stated, food is the essence of life. What we put into our bodies has the power to be life sustaining or life-depleting.

The human body is a self-healing and self-regulating machine. It miraculously extracts from food that which it needs and rids itself of the rest. Due to the business side of food and sustainability, many manufacturers have added chemicals, preservatives, additives, dyes, and other inert ingredients to enhance shelf life and profits. Unfortunately, these ingredients can reduce the quality of our whole, natural foods and leave our bodies missing key nutrients.

For many people, food and diet are very difficult to manage. Instead of being a source of nourishment, food has become an area of conflict and confusion- endless weight drama, eating disorders, cravings, addictions, body image obsessions and never-ending searches for “the best” nutritional system.

Supporting You and Your Goals through Nutritional Counseling

At Orr Chiropractic we want to educate you about nutrition and all of the natural products that can keep your body healthy. We even support a number of products to help you get those key nutrients more easily including:

DoTERRA Products

Metagenics Supplies

Standard Process Supplements

We also offer programs in weight management to keep you working towards your weight goals. Contact us to learn more about getting your own personalized nutrition plan.