How to Alleviate Headaches with Chiropractic Care in Central Ohio

Headaches can range from a small twinge at your temple to a pulsating whole-head migraine. Suffering from headaches is a common problem most all of us have experienced at some point. These headaches can have very significant consequences in terms of daily productivity, your family life, overall health and happiness.

Can Orr Chiropractic Really Fix the Cause of Your Headache?

At Orr Chiropractic, we know how to find the source of your headache symptoms and help you treat those issues.

Allergies can be a source of headache pains. By improving the strength of your spinal column with chiropractic adjustments, we can give your body the chance to heal these allergy symptoms, like headaches, naturally. With examining your spine we can locate the areas where you have any misalignments that are throwing off your central nervous system. Adjusting these areas of your body will reduce tension within your neck or spine and alleviate some of the problem areas that are causing chronic headaches.

Another cause of headaches is stress. We can’t remove all of the things in your life that are making you hold in your stress. However, we can give you treatment options to help release that stress in productive ways. For example, you could treat yourself to one of our Far Infrared Sauna treatments. During this process, the heat that is used to warm your body internally will radiate throughout your skin and into your muscles, thus relieving some of the tension you may be holding in that is causing some of your stress.

Maybe your headaches are hormone related. We are able to do a variety of tests to find out if there is something going on within your body that could benefit from Chiropractic or nutritional treatments. Our Standard Process Supplements might be a good way to compensate for essential things you may be lacking in your diet. Whether it is allergy related, stress related, hormone related or tension related, we know ways to reduce your headache and migraine pains.

Central Ohio’s Headache Relief

Whatever the cause of your headaches, we are able to offer a variety of possible solutions to help with the pain. Most importantly of all however, is our attention to details. We want to be able to track your progression from one visit to the next. We don’t want to offer you just a temporary relief. We are truly guided towards finding the problem and coming up with a solution to improve your overall health. Dr. Julia and her staff want to ensure that you leave our office after each visit feeling healthier and ready to start the day stronger and more informed then you were the day before.

Don’t waste another day suffering with migraine or headache pains. Find your natural solution with us at Orr Chiropractic Center in Central Ohio.