MediHerb Used as a Top Natural Treatment at Orr Chiropractic Center

The MediHerb Mission to Promote Quality

MediHerb is an Australian herb company that has an unwavering commitment to product quality. In Australia, herbs are considered medicine and are regulated as such, meaning these herbal products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. MediHerb founders believe that every human illness has a natural remedy, so it is pivotal to pursue research and develop natural, herbal medicines.

MediHerb’s quality comes both from its products as well as its employees. The company’s staff consists of highly accomplished nutritionists and health professionals who are still active in the health care community. This enables them to be exposed to the results from using MediHerb, as well as educates them on current issues patients are facing that need improvement with herbal medicines.

What Makes MediHerb Unique in Central Ohio?

Like Orr Chiropractic, the MediHerb Company believes that educating patients is the best way to inform them about the benefits of natural healing. For example, MediHerb’s product bottles give information such as the part of the plant that is used during the extraction process, in addition to providing the exact ratio, which determines the potency. The MediHerb company also works directly with the growers of these herbs. They try to source as much organic, local growth as possible. When they are required to reach out to outside locations native to other herbs, they take the time to explain to the indigenous people where the herbs are grown the value of their herb growth to promote a lasting relationship and healthy growing techniques.

In addition to educating with these products, MediHerb also has plans in place to ensure the survival of their products as well as the natural plants they are extracting from. Even when a medicinal plan is endangered or close to extinction, the MediHerb Company puts a multi-step plan into place to reverse this threat. The team of educated employees also focuses on a way to account for missing endangered herbs by using alternatives.

Orr Chiropractic’s Views on MediHerb Products

Dr. Julia has found their products to be superior to other herb companies and loves the results they give her patients. She understands that their high standards in the field, the lab, and the manufacturing process makes for quality materials yielding top results. Extensive research is constantly being preformed and machinery is regularly being updated to provide the most current and detailed advancements possible.

What makes Dr. Julia highly recommend these MediHerb products is the attention to detail and ability to work well with other treatment services. Learn more about all of our other supplement products including Standard Process, Metagenics, and doTERRA. Take back your wellness authority and call Orr Chiropractic Center to learn more today.