How to Help Your Child’s Bedwetting Problem with Chiropractic Adjustments in Central Ohio

Bedwetting is an issue we see typically in young children who are just learning to be toilet trained. This transition from diaper usage happens for children at all different ages and the process of training them to use the toilet can take a short or long amount of time depending on the willingness of the child to learn. Sometimes during this process children will experience repeat incidents of wetting the bed that can be related to a number of reasons.

One of the most common scenarios is that the child has not yet learned how to recognize the signals their body gives when a restroom visit is necessary. Sometimes a child is just resistant to changing their lifestyle and they enjoy the freedom of not having to use the restroom when told to. Though chiropractic adjustments cannot solve all the causes of bedwetting issues, Dr. Julia and her caring team can help correct some of the natural causes of your child’s bedwetting problems.

The Science Behind Bedwetting

In the early stages of our lives, segments that make up our sacrum (spinal base) are not yet bonded together. While most segments align over time, a misalignment or lack of alignment can impact the nerves that deal with bladder control, thus resulting in bedwetting accidents. These nerves act as signals to the brain to tell the child that they need to use the restroom, but they also act as indicators to the brain on when to release the waste from the child’s body. Therefore, when the nerves that alert the child about these events is not functioning properly, it can cause issues with wetting the bed.

Can Orr Chiropractic Reduce Your Child’s Issues with Bedwetting?

In working with Orr Chiropractic Center of Central Ohio we are able to locate any potential misalignments that may be causing the interference with the nerves that signal that send signals to the brain. By locating these areas in need of adjustment, we can help to improve control of the bladder as well as look for other health concerns that could result in other issues in the future. By improving the body’s natural response to the triggers that are sometimes missed in cases of bedwetting, we can help your child build back their confidence and help them to advance in the growth process, reducing the number of bedwetting issues.

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