Healing Back Pain With Chiropractic Care in Central Ohio

One of the most common reasons clients visit us at Orr Chiropractic is in search of a healing solution to their back pain. It is important to realize that though back and neck pain can feel as though it happens suddenly, the pain is often a result of other underlying conditions. Regular spinal check-ups are a great way to look for possible issues that could cause future pain. In addition, paying more attention to the state of our bodies, such as becoming more frequently fatigued, losing sleep, digestive disturbances, loss of range of motion and moodiness can also give us advanced warning to many internal issues needing attention.

Back pain can result from the smallest amount of pressure that reduces nerve flow. Recognizing these early stages of trouble and seeking help for them can reduce the chances of the condition worsening with spinal degeneration and also eliminate future suffering. Chiropractic adjustments can help to find these trouble areas and help realign the spinal column, relieving the initial cause of your back pain.

Orr Chiropractic Can Relieve Back Pain by Fixing Slipped Discs!

A slipped, bulging, swollen or prolapsed disc is a medical condition affecting the cushion between the spinal bones, that can cause severe lower back pain. The bones that make up the spine-the vertebrae- have cartilage discs between them, connected by a gel-like tissue. A disc injury is caused when the soft part of the disc bulges through the circle of connective tissue. The disc does not actually slip out of place, but rather it bulges and protrudes, making the area where the spinal cord lives much smaller. This causes pressure to the spinal cord that ultimately controls all the nervous system with its partner, the brain. When the space that the spinal cord has is narrowed for too long then a condition develops called spinal stenosis. Regular spinal adjustments are needed to prevent further deterioration once you get to this stage but relief is possible!

A slipped disc can often be symptom-free. However, when pain does occur, it is due to the pressure placed on the spinal cord or nerve roots. Only 10% of the nerve fibers control pain so this is why not everyone experiences pain or you can have a disc injury but not know how it is contributing to spinal degeneration. The pressure on a nerve can also result in motor and autonomic nervous system dysfunction which is the other 90% of the nerve fiber. This can cause you to feel muscle spasms or weakness, paralyzed muscles, disturbed feelings in the limbs, and problems controlling the bladder and other organs like your bowels .

Orr Chiropractic Center in Central Ohio aims to develop a chiropractic care plan that will address the symptoms and cause of your slipped disc. We want to find the area of your spine where the slipped disc is located and make adjustments to remove that subluxation, allowing the vertebrae to decompress and let the disc heal itself. Several nutrients are needed to aid in the healing of the disc. Ultimately, we want to give your body all of the natural tools it needs to repair and strengthen itself and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Back pain can have many causes such as stress, auto accidents, whiplash, or pinched nerves. To get an assessment that will positively impact your wellbeing, schedule an appointment with Orr Chiropractic of Central Ohio today!