Full Spine X-Ray in Central Ohio

Chiropractic Use of the Full Spine X-Ray

Dr. Julia and her team at Full Spine XrayOrr Chiropractic want to give you as many options as possible to help improve your quality of life using natural methods. Specializing in the Gonstead Technique of gathering extensive data about a patient prior to treatment, Dr. Julia supports using the full spine x-ray as a tool to get more information about your current spinal alignment. This test and many others can give your chiropractor essential information that can improve the quality of each visit.

The process of taking the full spine x-rays involves having 2 photos taken of your spine, one from the front and one from the side while you are standing (weight bearing). The images are then analyzed to find any possible fractures or dislocations, etc. in the hopes of finding a source for your discomfort. The process is safe and provides your doctor with a great visual depiction of exactly what your spine looks like from within your body.

Why an X-Ray of My Whole Spine?

Full Body Xray 2“I have pain in my upper back, why do you need to take an x-ray of my entire spine?”
Your spine does not work in sections, but instead as a whole. You don’t move about your life from the lying position, so it is easy to see how your spine could encounter motions during everyday events that cause it to become misaligned.

Your spine is one single entity with many moving, and interconnected parts. When your neck hurts, it affects all areas of your spine, even your low-back. You can probably recall a past injury and remember how it affected the way your entire body moved. Because all of the parts of your body are so intertwined, it is important to look at your spine as one unified structure. The full spine x-ray allows us to see your whole spine to find those areas in need of chiropractic healing.

Spinal Alignment from Full Spine X-Rays

Injuries and even everyday activities can cause spinal misalignments. Therefore, long term treatment options and creating health plans for your future can significantly impact your overall wellness. By using the information gained from these x-rays, Dr. Julia and her team at Orr Chiropractic in Central Ohio will be able to analyze your progress with each visit and give you customized, specific chiropractic care.

Be sure to check out all of the great information Dr. Julia has available on the Orr Chiropractic website! Learn more about the Gonstead teachings and how other exams like the Surface EMG and Saliva Testing can give your chiropractor even more valuable knowledge to improve your treatment.

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