For my very first blog, I want to go over aids to holding your spinal adjustment. Many of the suggestions will be explained in greater detail later on their own blog.

The best sleeping position is on your side. Both knees should be bent up together. Do not use your neck as a crowbar to switch sides. Do not sleep in a chair. Sleep on a firm mattress with a supportive pillow that is fitted to your shoulder size.

Do not sit with a wallet in your back pocket. Do not sit on soft couches or chairs. Choose straight back chairs with arms. Do not cross your legs or put them up under you.

After the adjustment choose your activities wisely. Do not do something stressful or challenging to your body immediately. Imagine your body was put together with super glue and in order to help the glue last, your spine needs to be placed on a shelf to rest (“dry”). You will get better results this way.

Vary your body positions frequently. Pay attention to when your body gets tired and switch your positions frequently. Pay attention to when you body gets tired and switch your position. Move from sitting to standing to walking. When your spine is inflamed and in pain, do not ignore your bodies warning signs. You will heal faster if you listen and switch it up.

Avoid extreme bending, reaching, stretching and stooping to minimize strain. Be aware of your posture at all times: Stand tall, sit tall, sleep tall and think tall. Above all stay positive about your health!