Custom Orthotics Available at Orr Chiropractic in Central Ohio

Our mission at Orr Chiropractic Center is to give you support in all aspects of your life. Whether that be through dietary assistance, spinal adjustments, therapeutic modalities or even finding you the support you need in your footwear, we are here to help.

Do I Need Supportive Orthotics?

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Custom-fit orthotics are for everyone. Whether you are young or old it is important to realize that your body is a unit that is strengthened by every piece working properly together. How you apply pressure with your feet as you walk can affect your balance and posture, causing your spine to try to compensate for your body being off balance. This can lead to spinal misaligned, strain, and pressure that may ultimately trigger discomfort such as headaches or back pain. Supportive orthotics function as a tool to compensate for how you carry yourself, thus realigning your spine and helping to keep your body in good, functioning order.

Orthotic Foot Scans Customize To Fit Your Foot Needs

Orthotic Foot Scan 2While most orthotic companies only support one arch (which only shifts the problem to another part of your body), Stabilizing Orthotics support the three interconnected arches of your foot, which together comprise the plantar vault. The plantar vault is the foundation for your entire body’s equilibrium. We use a 3-D foot scanner to get state of the art pictures of your feet and arch and weight differences. This tool helps define areas that need more support from the orthotics, thus giving you a more comfortable walking experience.

Custom Orthotics Can Relieve Pain and Fatigue


By helping to restore balance, these custom made foot orthotics can relieve pain and fatigue, not just in your feet but where it changes the pressure further up in your knees, hips and back. In addition, by adding custom orthotics to your everyday lifestyle, you will be strengthening your spine naturally.

When it comes to chiropractic, doing as much as you can for your body in a healthy, natural way will yield much more significant results than with harsh chemicals that only provide temporary relief and do not address the cause of your discomfort.

Purchasing Orthotics through Orr Chiropractic of Central Ohio

Foot Levelers Pronation Effects

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We offer custom orthotics to slide into your shoes, as well as shoethotics and sandalthotics that are already built into the footwear. Foot Leveler’s Stabilizing Orthotics are customized to meet your specific postural needs and help improve your overall health, stretching far beyond just short-term symptom relief.

Set up an appointment with us at Orr Chiropractic in Central Ohio and ask us about getting fitted for your custom orthotics. Your new custom orthotics will help you begin to feel a difference in the way you carry yourself everyday!