Chiropractic Solutions to Decreasing Ear Infection Symptoms

Orr Chiropractic is dedicated to serving your entire family’s health needs. Ear infections can happen both in young children as well as adults. We know you especially want your children to be feeling their best and living healthy lives. Sadly, things like painful ear infections can get in the way of your child’s enjoyment, so we are here to fix that!

The Connection Between Your Ears and Nerves

The neck is the region of your spine that is the nerve supply to the eyes, ears, nose, throat, and sinus cavities. Misalignments in upper neck vertebrae are very common from childbirth or as the child learns to support their own neck but the muscles aren’t strong enough yet. When you suffer from a spinal misalignment, there are warning signs the body emits to notify you of a problem happening internally. Those pains are caused by nerves being injured. Therefore, pain in your neck can end up influencing the pain sensor nerves in your ears, those causing ear aches.

At Orr Chiropractic, we are trained to work with patients of all ages. This allows us to teach even the youngest of clients all about how chiropractic can help improve reduce pain with your ears.

Can Ear Infections Benefit from the Natural Methods of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care offers a natural option to avoid the costly antibiotics and surgeries associated with severe ear infections. Nerves in your neck can trigger an aching feeling in your ear, but an infection can be caused by bacteria and viruses within the ear. It might be easy to follow how fixing a pain in your neck could improve pain in your ear since the two are related to hurt within the same region of your body, but how can chiropractic help with infections?

Infections are attacks within your body that prevent your body from behaving naturally. This may be a result of a blockage or an unbalanced amount of something within your body, or a variety of other reasons. Chiropractic is not a medicine used to kill the germs in your body, but rather a way to strengthen you internally so that you are able to heal yourself naturally.

Think of the healing cells within your body as warriors. The infectious cause, such as bacteria, from an ear infection is the invading forces. Those invading forces may surprise you with an attack so the body healing cells’ defenses might be down, thus the invading bacteria begins to take over parts of your body and limit their functions, not allowing the normal day to day activities. These bacteria triumphs result in harm to the body, such as the pain experienced with an ear infection. Harsh medicines can address some of the problems, like small groups fighting back to defend their territory, but often times their advances only last for a short time before they are overtaken by the enemy bacteria. Chiropractic acts as the backup allies to the body’s healing cells. The goal of chiropractic’s assistance is to strengthen the barriers within the body so that the infection cannot take over further and do more damage. By building a stronger line of defense, the body has a way to naturally fight to heal the infection, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Our mission at Orr Chiropractic is to strengthen those defenses and improve your family’s health and by developing an individualized chiropractic care plan to treat the painful inflammation within the ear and all of their related symptoms. Learn more by calling Orr Chiropractic today!