Could Chiropractic Care Potentially Eliminate Your Need for Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a progressive condition caused by a pinched nerve that controls the wrist area. The disruption in nerve flow can come from an irritated nerve in the neck, shoulder, and elbow or the entire pathway down to the wrist from the spinal cord. This can cause a numbness and slight tingling in the hand or escalate to a sharp, shooting pain. A common medical condition, medical doctors might recommend surgery or injections to reduce the pain, however, chiropractic can offer some natural methods to avoid the need for surgery and offer you pain relief.

Chiropractic Exams Help Reduce Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can cause quite severe pain and make simple tasks very difficult to endure. Chiropractic does not want to focus on using destructive techniques to remove pain, rather we want to find the source of the problem and try to heal the problem as naturally as possible. Our screening tests can find areas in your body that appear to be problematic and address these spots with a variety of services. We are then able to do adjustments, healing treatments with massage, mineral lamp sessions to reintroduce needed nutrients in your body, etc. to try and correct those problem areas. All of these processes aim to increase your body’s strength and return your systems back to the state they should naturally be in so that your body can fix the problems without the need for harsh chemicals or surgery.

Orr Chiropractic Eliminates Harsh Effects and Long Term Recovery of Surgery

Since chiropractic works to try and relieve body compression naturally, Orr Chiropractic patients will be given care that will improve range of motion and flexibility, thus avoiding the harsh effects and long term recovery period of surgery. Surgery should be a last resort option for carpal tunnel sufferers. The biggest difficulty with using surgery as a resolution for carpal tunnel syndrome is that the underlying cause could result in future complications. By treating the source of the issue, increasing your nerve flow and reducing compression and tension can alleviate those problem areas in your body, giving you the ability to do more. The carpal tunnel surgeries are very invasive and have a lengthy recovery time, versus chiropractic that relies on soothing solutions that you can get relief from without harmful effects.

At Orr Chiropractic we want to ensure that you are able to do as much as possible before considering surgery to help your body become pain free. Schedule your appointment to see Dr. Julia and find out if your Carpal Tunnel surgery might be preventable with the help of Orr Chiropractic’s services in Central Ohio.