Orr Chiropractic’s Survey & Questionnaire Analysis

There are many different aspects of your life that can affect your overall wellbeing. Those factors might be hereditary, they might deal with your current lifestyle, or possibly even your personal health and fitness.

Symptoms Survey

We Want to Know About You!

At Orr Chiropractic Center we truly care about seeing our patients become successful in all of their endeavors. Chiropractic is about helping strengthen your body naturally. We want to be the ones to help get your health and wellness on the right track so that you can achieve all of your goals. In order to help you as best we can we ask for a little information from you in the form of surveys and questionnaires.

Orr Chiropractic’s Symptom Survey

The Symptom Survey is a comprehensive questionnaire that allows us to look into the health of all organ systems of your body. On this survey we want to know as much about your medical history as we can. Understanding what your body is has experienced will help us to piece together plans that will be most effective for you. In addition, this information will help our staff at Orr Chiropractic to see if any of the weakness your body is experiencing could benefit from added nutritional support.

Orr Chiropractic’s Toxicity Survey

Each patient is also asked to fill in a Toxicity Survey prior to visiting our office. This survey provides Dr. Julia with information on any medications, vitamins, or supplements you might currently be taking, in addition to any other environmental factors that may be impacting your health. The data collected from this survey can then be used to determine if a purification or cleansing program would be beneficial.

Orr Chiropractic’s Food Diary

We also request the patient fill in a food diary for a week indicating sleep, stress and bowel changes. This information is not only helpful to our staff, but also to you. Sometimes taking the time to write down how much time you spend sleeping and exercising or what you typically eat for your meals each day can really put your state of health in perspective. Participating in creating a food diary can you clarify your goals before coming to visit us at Orr Chiropractic Center in Central Ohio.

The Benefits of Analyzing Your Survey Information

These 3 forms give Dr. Julia a comprehensive look at the overall core qualities the body is currently lacking and help her to make the specific dietary, supplemental and/or cleansing recommendations that are most needed. In addition, this information gives us a chance to get to know who you are and what you want to improve with your health and wellness. This in turn will help to enhance your relationships and fulfill your goals to feel more complete with your healthy body.

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