Helping PMS Symptoms with Chiropractic Care

Premenstrual Syndrome is a collection of symptoms associated with the emotional and physical reactions of a female body prior to her menstrual cycle. These symptoms can range from moodiness, to tender breasts, depression, fatigue, bloating, abnormal cravings, and irritability. But how can chiropractic help a woman handle these bodily reactions?

Can Fixing Your Alignment Ease PMS Symptoms?

Chiropractic focuses on improving the body’s overall alignment to fix any problem areas that might be increasing the severity of PMS symptoms. Nerves that exit the lower back are responsible for controlling the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes as well as the liver where many of the hormone conversions take place for a normal menstrual cycle. When these nerves are not working correctly, they impair the directing and monitoring of the reproductive and hormonal systems. Alleviating any pressure or irritation to these nerves can be a great help for women during their monthly cycle.

Beyond helping with her monthly cycle, chiropractic care can also help when infertility becomes an issue from long term malfunction. Sometimes, this has not been addressed or could even be considered normal because taking medication to reduce these symptoms resulted in her being unaware of the impact it was having on long her term health, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Other Services to Help You Relax

In addition to helping with the realignment of your spine to reduce nerve pressure, we also offer a variety of services to help make that time of the month a less tense experience. For example, we offer AquaMED/Hydrotherapy treatments to loosen the muscles in your back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs. The process involves laying down on a bed and letting the warm pulses of water target areas of your body most in need, all while remaining completely dry. Another service we specialize in is the Ion Cleanse footbath. This treatment allows the client to rest their feet in a warm bath and let the toxins be transferred out of your body into the water. We also specialize in giving our customers nutritional advice. By improving your diet and adding in supplements you can see results in your overall health and wellbeing. Your mood can be significantly improved with new meal options and energizing food choices.

At Orr Chiropractic Center in Central Ohio, we focus on your overall wellbeing and how we can improve your quality of life in all natural ways to avoid the harmful effects of treating your PMS with drugs. To learn more about all of the symptom solutions we offer, give us a call today and browse our website for more information. We can’t wait to find the best natural solutions to improve your life today!