How Hair Mineral Testing Can Improve Your Life

Why Would Orr Chiropractic Analyze Your Hair?

Hair Analysis

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The hair mineral test done by Orr Chiropractic of Central Ohio uses your hair to determine how much or how little minerals and heavy metals are within your body. Your body needs some of these minerals to thrive, however, having too much of these can be harmful to your health. Minerals are used within your body to help your organs and tissues function properly. Your hair is used because it is one location where your body is eliminating those minerals and heavy toxins, thus making it easier to analyze and get an idea of what is happening within your body.

How Does This Test Help You?

This is an invaluable screening tool that allows Dr. Julia to design a correct program of diet and supplementation for each individual’s needs and toxicity levels. By measuring the mineral content of the hair, we can determine the mineral content of the body’s tissues. Using this information we can also examine if certain metabolic dysfunctions might be related to mineral imbalances and levels of toxic metals that routine blood tests cannot always detect.

Balancing Mineral Ratios to Feel Better

Since mineral imbalances and high levels of toxic metals can be early indicators of harmful conditions, it is important to control these levels by ensuring you are consuming the right things. This might mean taking a supplement to boost your system’s level of one particular mineral. It could also mean choosing to eat different foods that will help your body filter out excess heavy metals and improve your body’s natural ratios.

In addition to food sources, other conditions such as stress, nervous systems issues, lack of exercise, and more can also be linked to these mineral imbalances. By taking a holistic approach to your treatment, Orr Chiropractic can offer guidance and treatment for these other possible causes of mineral imbalances.

Dr. Julia not only wants to give you advice on what your nutritional diet should be, she also wants to inform you about what you might be doing now that could be the cause of these imbalances. In addition to the Hair Mineral Test, filling out your information on the Symptom Survey and creating a food diary can track where you might be experiencing these higher toxicity levels. By determining which mineral levels within your body need to be balanced out, our team at Orr Chiropractic will be able to get you started on the path to feeling healthier and livelier, giving you more energy and strength to do more and live a better life.

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