Repairing Your Body with Chiropractic After an Auto Accident

Being involved in an automobile accident or a personal injury is one of the leading causes of misalignments of the spine and discs. Not only is this experience a disruption in your life because of damages to automobiles, it is also harmful to your body, no matter the amount of physical impact the car contributed.

When our bodies are anticipating the hit of another vehicle we involuntarily react by tensing up. This tension, in addition to the actual collision impact on the body, can affect the relationship between your muscles, tendons, joints, and more. The injury can be complicated by what position you were in as the impact took place, as well as what state your health was in prior to the accident.

Auto Accident Side Effects

The tension in your body can result in many different areas of pain and trauma. The stress from the accident, lawsuits, trouble getting to and from work, etc. can cause severe headaches. The twisting of your body during the incident can cause pinched nerves to send shooting pains down your spine. An inability to move due to injury and heavy pain medication can cause an imbalance of proper nutrients or higher toxin levels in the body. All of these side effects and more can significantly impact your health. That is why Orr Chiropractic of Central Ohio wants to focus on getting you better as quickly, and as naturally, as possible.

Recover After an Auto Accident with Chiropractic Care in Central Ohio

At Orr Chiropractic we want to do more than just get you back to normal, we want to get you feeling better than you ever have before. By using chiropractic adjustments to address injuries from auto accidents, you are able to avoid a drug-heavy treatment plan and help your body recover more completely. These adjustments can also help improve pre-existing issues such as pinched nerves or a misaligned spine. Treating the resulting symptoms of your injury is not as proactive as addressing your body as a whole. We are able to adjust anything from the vertebrae, the power source for the muscle, ligament, tendon, or disc that was injured to help strengthen your body internally.

Orr Chiropractic in Central Ohio wants to work with the whole you and not just a condition or injury. Though we see many patients who only thing to visit a chiropractor after an auto accident, we find that the services we offer are so effective that the patient returns to see results in a natural, drug-free way. In addition, we strive to deliver health plans that will give you back your overall wellness.

To find out more about all of our recovery options following an auto accident, please contact Orr Chiropractic today.