About Dr. Julia Allerton

Growing up in a family that understood the benefits of chiropractic and nutritional care, Dr. Julia learned at a young age that a natural approach to solving health issues was the best approach. At Orr Chiropractic Center of Central Ohio, we want to help you and your family find natural solutions to your wellness concerns. Contact us today!


Important Disclaimer Information The information provided on this website is for general information purposes only and is not to be used for medical diagnosis. Orr Chiropractic of Central Ohio is not liable for any actions taken as a result of the information provided on this site. In addition, Orr Chiropractic is not responsible for the [...]

MediHerb Supplements

MediHerb Used as a Top Natural Treatment at Orr Chiropractic Center The MediHerb Mission to Promote Quality MediHerb is an Australian herb company that has an unwavering commitment to product quality. In Australia, herbs are considered medicine and are regulated as such, meaning these herbal products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. MediHerb founders believe that [...]

Supportive Therapeutica Pillows

Supportive Therapeutica Pillows at Orr Chiropractic Center We all have our favorite pillow we cozy up to each night, but I’m sure we’ve also experienced falling asleep in a very uncomfortable position. Maybe that experience happened while on the couch watching a late OSU football game. Maybe you were on a long flight crammed in between [...]

Massage Therapy

Orr Chiropractic’s Massage Therapy Solutions for Central Ohio What Does Massage Therapy Involve? Massage therapy is a great way to relieve the aches and pains within your body naturally. Massage therapy relies on the healing touch of our practitioners to release strain and muscle tension. Our trained staff will be able to locate locations along your [...]

Ion Cleanse Therapy

Detoxifying Ion Cleanse Removes Impurities from Your Body How an Ion Cleanse Works The Ion Cleanse is essentially a very satisfying footbath. The Ion Cleanse isn’t used simply to make your feet smell better or exfoliate the skin. The purpose of the Ion Cleanse is to draw out the harmful toxins and impurities from within [...]

Mineral Lamp Therapy

Repairing Cells and Providing Chiropractic Relief with Mineral Lamp Therapy What Are Mineral Lamps? The mineral lamp is a tested therapeutic tool that uses a blend of the minerals found in the human body to create an infrared electromagnetic emission exactly in the spectrum of the minerals of your body. Basically, there is a plate [...]

PowerVibe Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Our PowerVibe Whole Body Vibration Therapy: A Fantastic Tool for Success at Orr Chiropractic Whether you are coming to Orr Chiropractic because of aches and pains, a feeling of weakness in your body, or a desire to improve your physical fitness and wellness, the PowerVibe Whole Body Vibration Therapy is ideal for any new or [...]

AquaMED/HydroMassage Therapy

Relaxation and Chiropractic Benefits of AquaMED Therapy The Convenience of AquaMED at Orr Chiropractic of Central Ohio AquaMED (or HydroMassage) is a dry hydrotherapy bed that combines the time-proven therapies of whirlpool, heat and massage in a single system. Your body is not exposed to water during your treatment in the dry hydrotherapy bed, so [...]

21 Day Purification Program

Cleansing Your Body with a 10, 21 or 28 Day Purification Program What Is The 21 Day Purification Program? The company Standard Process specializes in certified organic, high quality natural supplements that are used to improve your overall wellness. Orr Chiropractic has found that these supplements are an amazing way to support chiropractic care with nutritional [...]