Relaxation and Chiropractic Benefits of AquaMED Therapy

The Convenience of AquaMED at Orr Chiropractic of Central Ohio

AquaMED Hydromassage

AquaMED (or HydroMassage) is a dry hydrotherapy bed that combines the time-proven therapies of whirlpool, heat and massage in a single system. Your body is not exposed to water during your treatment in the dry hydrotherapy bed, so it is more convenient for on-the-go users than a traditional sauna or whirlpool would be. Simply lay down and let your worries melt away with your pain as our trained staff customizes your experience to target your areas of need.

How Can AquaMED Therapy Help Me?

One of the most rewarding functions of AquaMED Therapy is the amount of relaxation that can be felt during your session. As calming as a full body massage, the HydroMassage Therapy uses water jets underneath the bed to target areas of your body needing applied pressure. The soothing therapy treatment is comfortable and adjustable to whatever your needs may be.

AquaMED HydroptherapyTherapeutic benefits include increased blood circulation, improved range of motion, lymph stimulation and release of endorphins for a better feeling of well-being and decreased muscle tension. The goal of AquaMed/HydroMassage Therapy is to relieve those initial minor aches and pains while also reducing stress.

By allowing your body to release this tension, our staff at Orr Chiropractic of mid-Ohio then has the foundation to provide you with other tools and chiropractic techniques that can prolong your treatment relief. Adding in nutritional supplements to your diet or having a targeted chiropractic adjustment can fix complications within your body that will allow yourself to recover more naturally the next time you encounter an issue.

AquaMED Therapy With Chiropractic Treatment Around Columbus Ohio

What makes AquaMED Therapy ideal in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments at Orr Chiropractic of Central Ohio, is that the AquaMED system offers a great deal of customization- from the temperature, amount of applied pressure, and jet speed to the areas of your body being treated. This system allows Dr. Julia and her team to give each patient the ability to choose the treatments that are most comfortable to them. Most importantly, by addressing specific muscles or areas of the body using the HydroMassage therapy, we can establish a foundation of success for additional chiropractic treatments.

Ultimately, the team at Orr Chiropractic Center wants to offer each patient the best possible treatment to accelerate recovery time. For those who would prefer not to use our AquaMED hydrotherapy bed we also offer traditional massage appointments as well.

Check out this HydroMassage video for why this treatment is a great way to improve your chiropractic experience. If you think that our AquaMED/HydroMassage Therapy might be the right way to improve your overall help, contact Dr. Julia today!