About Us

Our Mission at Orr Chiropractic Center in Central Ohio

At Orr Chiropractic we believe in both creating solutions to relieve your existing health problems, as well as developing plans to prevent future health issues. Our goal is to utilize chiropractic, nutrition and therapy techniques and give you tools to improve your quality of life and wellness.

Orr Chiropractic serves a variety of patients struggling with health challenges throughout the mid-Ohio region, including allergy sufferers, newborns, accident victims, asthma patients, and so many more. We are dedicated to finding effective treatments that will alleviate everyday suffering, correct the cause of health problems, and educate our patients on natural ways to rebuild a healthy lifestyle. Our drive comes from a desire to help people reclaim their lives and be able to achieve their goals in all-natural ways.

Orr Chiropractic is also a proud member of the OSCA.